Weather maps etc. decoded from short wave utility stations

Equipment used:
Second-hand Yaesu Musen FRG7 short wave receiver (1970s vintage),
indoor wire antenna,
second-hand Dell laptop,
Demo copy of JVComm32 FAX software.

For more information and frequencies see this page, and also the PDF listing of international HF FAX broadcasts which can be downloaded from the NOAA website..

This page last updated 18th October 2007.

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Map from GYA Northwood, England, 2618.5kHz, 7th September 2006, 2350UTC. Caption "Fleet Weather and Oceanographic Centre, Northwood, England". Not bad for a first try using a microphone leaning on the speaker of the FRG7...

Map from GYA Northwood, UK, 4610kHz, 8th September 2006, 1945 UTC, showing Tropical Storm Florence.

Map from CFH Halifax, NS, Canada, 4271kHz, 10th September 2006, 0322 UTC. Arrow pointing to Tropical Storm Florence. Map transmitted sideways.

Map from Hamburg/Pinneberg, Germany, 7880kHz, 10th September 2006, 1857 UTC.

Iceberg chart showing Newfoundland and southern Greenland from CFH Halifax, NS, Canada, 4271kHz, 23rd November 2006, 2222UTC. Ionospheric storm in progress, strong signal but very blurred outlines.

Iceberg chart from CFH Halifax, NS, Canada, 4271kHz, 28th November 2006, 2222UTC. Quiet ionosphere, weaker signal but much sharper lines.

Infra-red satellite image showing the eastern part of North America and the Atlantic from CFH Halifax, NS, Canada, 4271kHz, 24th November 2006, 0101UTC.

Map, okay some isobars, from Moscow, Russia, 10611kHz, 25th November 2006, 0848UTC.

Infra-red satellite image from CFH Halifax, NS, Canada, 4271kHz, 30th November 2006, 0101UTC.

A very windy day in Scotland, from GYA Northwood, 4610kHz, 20th January 2007, 1137UTC.

Incomplete map from OXT Skamlebaek, Denmark, 9360kHz, 20th January 2007, 1008 UTC, showing Cape Farewell, Greenland.

Map from an UNID Russian station, approx. 6330kHz, 4th September 2007, 1900UTC.

Test chart from Hamburg/Pinneberg, Germany, 7880kHz, 6th October 2007, 1132UTC.

Sports news from Kyodo News Agency, Japan, 8467.5kHz, 13th October 2007, 1538UTC. The last news agency left on Earth that uses HF-FAX to distribute its copy.

Satellite image from NMF Boston, USA, 6340kHz, 18th October 2007, 2151UTC

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