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[Stéphane Mallarmé: The Poems in Verse]

Stéphane Mallarmé:
The Poems in Verse

Translation and notes by Peter Manson.

Now available from Miami University Press. 288pp, February 2012. ISBN 978-1-881163-50-3. $24.95.

The Poems in Verse is Peter Manson's translation of the Poésies of Stéphane Mallarmé.

Available directly from the press, and also from The Book Depository (currently the cheapest UK source),,, and other online stores.

Read David Wheatley's review from The Guardian (16th June 2012).

[Adjunct: an Undigest]

Adjunct: an Undigest

A second edition, now available from Barque Press. 120pp A5, July 2009. ISBN 1-903488-66-4. £10 (+ £1 postage in UK).

Read Robert Potts' review of Adjunct at the Guardian website.

Read Stuart Kelly's review of Adjunct from the Books from Scotland website.

Adjunct is also featured in 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die, ed. Peter Boxall (Cassell, 2005).

[Between Cup and Lip cover image]

Between Cup and Lip

A book of poems, visuals and prose written between 1990 and 2007. 81pp perfectbound, May 2008. ISBN 978-1-4243-3110-9. USD $15.

Published by Miami University Press, Oxford, Ohio, USA.

Available direct from the press and also from,, and other online stores.


[For the Good of Liars cover image]

For the Good of Liars

A book of poems, collecting work written between 1993 and 2005. 66pp A5 perfectbound, May 2006. ISBN 1-903488-44-3. GBP £8 / USD $13 (+ GBP £1 postage in UK).

Published by Barque Press, 70 Cranwich Road, London N16 5JD.

Read a review by Richard Price from issue 11 of Painted, spoken magazine.

Read a review by Melissa Flores-Bórquez at Intercapillary Space.

Read a review by Rufo Quintavale at nthposition online magazine.

[Adjunct: an Undigest cover image]

Adjunct: an Undigest

The complete text, published in paperback by Edinburgh Review. 87pp A5, June 2005. ISBN 1-85933222-6.

The Edinburgh Review edition of Adjunct has now sold out. The book was republished by Barque Press in 2009.

[Before and after Mallarme cover image]

Before and After Mallarmé

Survivors' Press, Glasgow 2005. [Out of print].

From the back cover: "Never simply translations from Mallarmé's French, Manson's versions bring a hundred years of Mallarmé's influence on modern poetry to bear on the originals: now finding room inside Mallarmé's funeral poem for Théophile Gautier to mourn the great soundtext poet Bob Cobbing (1920-2002), now discovering a homage to the typography of Mallarmé's visual poem Un coup de dés jamais n'abolira le hasard in an original poem built on Mallarméan armature."

Read Laura Steele's review of Before and after Mallarmé from Intercapillary Space.

[Adjunct CD cover image]

Adjunct: an Undigest CD

Stem Recordings, 2004. £10 (including postage in UK). A 65-minute audio CD of Peter Manson reading extracts from his book Adjunct: an Undigest.

[RENGA+ cover image]


Reality Street Editions, 2002. 58pp A5, £5 (+ £1 post in UK only). The latest of RSE's 4packs, featuring Two Renga (collaborations between Elizabeth James and Peter Manson), as well as a poetic text by installation artist Christine Kennedy and a lyrical sequence by Guy Barker.

Read a review by Andrew Jordan of RENGA + from 10th Muse magazine.

[Birth Windows cover image]

Birth Windows

Barque Press, 1999. 24pp A5 [Out of print; all the poems are collected in For the Good of Liars]. A booklet of poems.

[me generation cover image]

me generation

Writers Forum, 1997. 20pp B5 [Out of print]. ISBN 0 86162 803 2. Unclassified verbal and visual work.

View a .jpg image of Bob Cobbing's Flier for the launch of me generation.

View a .jpg image of a Review by Robin Purves of me generation from the (Glasgow) Herald newspaper.

View page-scans of the complete book.

[iter atur e cover image]

iter atur e

Writers Forum, 1995. 32pp B5 [Out of print]. ISBN 0 86162 570 6. A booklet of 28 computer-generated black-and-white visuals.

View a .jpg image of Bob Cobbing's Flier for the launch of iter atur e.

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